Out & Up Placement

Opportunities for Executive Re-Positioning for Long Term Success

Personal career management has come a long way. In tandem, recruitment in 2012 has shifted from a focus on CVs and interviews, to a holistic review of a senior executive’s personal brand and position.

An outgoing executive needs to establish an identity separate from their employer, which plays to their expertise and strengths. For some, departure is a time of stress and so developing clarity around all aspects of their public presence, is valuable for confident and peaceful transitions out of an organisation.

As a result of this shift in career management, our twenty-first century programmes focus on assisting senior executives to:

• understand and promote their leadership strengths;

• demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in a relevant manner;

• position themselves and their personal brands in a consistent and congruent fashion;

• have conversations with potential employers which are more effective and successful;

• develop a long term focused public presence using a range of communication media including traditional and social; and

• support the outgoing employer as an innovative employer of choice, even in separation.

The ZeopardThink Programme

Each Out-and-Up Programme is individually tailored to the needs of the executive but session topics could include some or all, of the following:

• Identification of strengths and expertise and finding the history and stories which support that expertise and establishing a personal brand strategy and implementation plan;

• Unpacking expertise and knowledge and capturing in relevant ways;

• Learning to position to manage better conversations and interviews;

• Building a presence on LinkedIn,Google Plus and other outlets identified in the strategy;

• Creating a blog and website dedicated to conversations around their leadership expertise;

• Powerful delivery at interviews and presentations;

• Communication refresher plus article and blog writing for positioning;

• Development of IP collateral including podcasts, video interviews and slideshare presentations.

Why ZeopardThink?

Jennie Vickers of ZeopardThink has an unusual pedigree. 25 years as a business lawyer, as well as 5 years as a Thought Leadership Mentor, she combines an astute understanding of business with a knowledge of communications and marketing. Her business exists to help clients communicate better with all their audiences and do better business as a result. ZeopardThink likes clarity with clients and so works on a fixed project fee basis with clients and guarantees satisfaction with the outcomes. If you would like to talk more, contact Jennie Vickers on 021 274 9737     jennie@zeopard.com

To view the article on out and up placement click on this link Out and Up


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