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I am in Sydney this week to attend the Forrester Research Summits on Customer Experience for CMOs and CIOs.

I caught the bus into the city this morning. Since my last visit they have withdrawn the option to pay for a ticket on the bus. I was warned that I needed to go to the corner store to buy a 10 trip ticket. It was raining so time spent mucking about is not good. The first shop I visited said they had stopped selling tickets because 10c profit on a $27 sale was not worth the effort. Only by chance was there another corner store.

This got me thinking that the chain of customer experience is only as strong as the weakest link. If the margin you offer your retailers is so dismal they decide not to bother, all the rest of your efforts are could be thrown upside down and become a bit of a waste of time. Usually I am writing about the importance of employee experience now I am on the look out for examples of ecosystem failures in Sydney.

Generally I write mean things about Vodafone, but today for a change something nice. The new roaming deal means I am in a cafe typing and not worrying about the $600 roaming charge when I get home. Thanks for fixing a bit of the ecosystem.

Viewing the ecosystem from a customer’s perspective sometimes requires you to look at things in a different way. And….the good news is that it has stopped raining.