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The new Health and Safety Reform Act 2014 which is likely to come into force on 1 April 2015, will have major implications for businesses, charities and NFPs. If your organisation relies on a Board or similar group of non executives for governance you need to understand what this means for your organisation, on top of what the Bill means for the way you keep your staff safe.

Submissions on the Health and Safety Reform Bill close on Friday 9th May. We have sent in a submission.Here it is:

Health & Safety Submission – ZeopardLaw Jennie Vickers Final

Scan 118If you do not have time to submit your own you could submit and say you agree with ZeopardLaw’s Submission. That is of course if you do agree with what we have said!

Submissions can be delivered through the Parliament website Click Here https://www.parliament.nz/en-nz/ECommitteeSubmission/52ec0060-1a4d-4643-8cc0-a2ee00da718b/CreateSubmission

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