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SONY DSCIn the tough times many organisations let their admin assistants and PAs go. Trouble is, our organisations now have, at senior levels, more two finger typists than ever before. Those who let the PAs go worked in an age when the PC was not necessarily the dominate player on every desk. It was possible for them to make do without a dedicated PA. Now the senior ranks across the world is full of men and women who did not learn typing at school and use some variant of the peck. My partner is constantly disturbed at my attacks at the keyboard as if it was an old Remington ball typewriter! I tried typing lessons but the boredom nearly finished me off and I learned to love the value of support.

Seems to me the time has come to rethink how we resource our organisations as economies take a turn for the better. If you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for executives, why would you force them to do admin work themselves inefficiently and possibly badly.  Lawyers are a great example of highly paid professionals who command high rates for each hour they deliver to clients, yet if you walk around the average law firm you will see many lawyers typing slowly and incompetently at your expense! Great customer experience’s are supported by having the right people doing the right things at the right level of competence.

The discovery that got me thinking along this line this morning was TripIt’s new amazing service that loads up all your travel details into your TripIt account off a pdf of an itinerary or e-ticket in seconds, just by emailing it to them. If you have never tried TripIt, have a go and be amazed at the speed.

This certainly will help all of those who are managing their work without admin assistance or those with a PA who dare not ask with help arranging their vacations. Then it might be time for a 60s style time and motion study and see how much time and money your organisation wastes by not valuing support staff enough.