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article-2202052-14F93877000005DC-495_964x571Really interesting article in the NZ Herald Magazine on Saturday from Greg Dixon interviewing Jason Fried about his new book “Remote”, see link above.

I am of the view that NZ has a unique opportunity to serve the world’s internet commerce by being 100% customer experience focussed and encouraging businesses from around the world to use our smart, hard working and clever people to drive their businesses while the rest of the world sleeps. More on this topic of customer experience delivery in future posts but in the meantime……..

First we need to figure out how to become 100% employee experience focused. An essential step in such an evolution is to change the way we “manage” people and introduce more trust and confidence in people’s desire to self manage, achieve and deliver. When trust replaces incompetent management the traditional work control paradigm can go out of the window.

imagine my disappointment reading the excellent article by Greg Dixon, to read the comments of Kim Campbell the CEO of the NZ Employers and Manufacturers Association. Have a read for yourself, but my conclusion from reading this piece is that the EMA’s thinking has regressed back to (or maybe never left) a Victorian mindset where staff need to be watched and will not work as they should, with no one watching.

I hope members of this “Victorian” organisation are challenging their CEO to have a more visionary mindset, before we find NZ has no employers left!

As a person who employs many part time workers who set their own hours and often work at home, I have no doubt that the vast majority of people in NZ would step up further if we transformed the working paradigm, with their help and with their needs in mind. As an example, while I am a morning person, most people on my team are not and they start work when their body clocks have woken them up and fired them ready for the day. It always amazes me why employers pay grumpy half asleep people to slope around avoiding work,  when giving them a later start time would guarantee immediate focus and attention.

My challenge to you… what would happen in your organisation if you changed the way people work in February 2014?