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Need help getting started with Twitter? Are you attending a conference any time soon and want to know what the rest of the audience is thinking about the presentations? Twitter is awesome for conferences.

How to get started with Twitter, Tweetdeck, Vine and Instagram will help to demystify Twitter for those who have managed to avoid it this far. This presentation will guide you with step by step instructions to help you set up your own account, download the Twitter app onto your phone or tablet and start tweeting. Also included are handy tips to get you going with Tweetdeck, Vine and Instagram.

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Twitter is a great way of keeping up to date with emerging trends, people you respect and breaking news. It’s also a useful tool to connect with your customers, friends and family.
Follow the link, watch the presentation and you’ll be be tweeting, vining and instagramming in no time!

Slideshare-Intro to Twitter