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Good news to see the announcement of 6000 new houses are a reality in Auckland. Big question is will there be construction of housing for people with special building needs? If not it is a wasted business opportunity.

I have been talking today to Vanassa McGoldrick Chairperson for the Whangarei Accessible Housing Trust. Vanassa pointed out that housing for disabled people can be a great investment opportunity. “Where else do you get a market where the tenants don’t want to leave.  They are long-term tenants because the accessibility features provide an opportunity for independent living, they cannot obtain anywhere else.  In most cases, funding is provided by the government for the rent, so you get guaranteed rent, a long-term tenant, and an untapped market.  This funding opportunity is immeasurable.”

Professional property investors have for many years been attracted by student rental opportunities, maybe now is the time for professional property investment trusts to hit both the investment button and the triple bottom line, with social housing.

I personally would be attracted by an investment with solid returns and a corporate social responsibility kicker.  However I am of the view that the house below is not going to cut the mustard!