Two people walked into a San Francisco bar wearing identical @emiratesteamnz supporters shirts ordered 2 glasses of the same rose and the same main course. The waiter, a US Uni graduate was delighted that just for once a couple wanted the items exactly as shown on the menu and the same as each other. He explained to us that his Uni thesis was around the negative impact on US society of having too much choice. His hypothesis was that with so much choice and individualism came a loss of solidarity and togetherness.

In 2010 Sheena Iyengar published a book called “The Art of Choosing” . This remarkable and easy read, written by a blind professor, looked at the impact choice had on Americans and the stress it brought to many people in their lives.

In New Zealand we do have choices not available 20 years ago, but maybe the magic is that 4 million of us are still choosing the same thing, which is winning the Americas Cup back and bringing it back to its home in Auckland.

I headed out into the green at @americascup village this morning and found groups of Kiwis dressed alike supporting their team but comparatively few American Oracle supporters and not a big enough group to photograph.

I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about #cx customer experience and maybe that is the ingredient missing from the efforts to get the San Franciscans backing Oracle Team USA. It is way harder to galvanise people making individual choices every day to stop and support one cause that is not the 49ers! Without the creation of a shared experience and common cause individualism strides on.

Now back to the @Americascup village and the race is about to start. I am going to post before the start flag goes so fingers crossed.