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As I plough through the Oracle OpenWorld Schedule Builder choosing presentations to attend, I have started wondering which presentations will capture my attention so much that I am torn between listening with focus and sharing their great ideas on twitter, and those which have me twerping at a prolific rate seeking escape!

Matt Church, Michael Henderson and Scott Stein in their book “Thought Leaders, How to capture, package and deliver your ideas for greater commercial success” introduce the concept of an IP Pink Sheet, as a mechanism to help speakers get clarity around each point they are making to ensure it hits home. They say “The stuff you say must make a point which ties into, and paints a picture in, the minds of others”.

To see an Oracle relevant example have a look at this slideshare presentation by Paul Steffensen of EnterpriseIT, which was produced following an Oracle NZ/Australia Data Integration/GoldenGate roadshow. In the early slides you can see him painting a picture and making a point about the importance of zero downtime, using an analogy of open heart surgery.


This technique will capture an audience and anchor the point home. I look forward to seeing pictures being painted and points being made!