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This morning in New Zealand at 9.26am we had “ShakeOut” a National earthquake preparedness drill. OOps I missed it from being busy, but I had planned to head under my desk  and hold me head!

Also been talking about legal stuff today when everything goes wrong in business. All this somber talk made me think about my DR (disaster recovery) plans and my HA (high availability) organisation for preparing to go overseas.

Priorities first, the dogsitter is organised and the Hound is already on guard duty.

Travel insurance is most people’s DR Plan especially coming from overseas, but have you read the policy lately? I use insurance bundled with my credit card but every time I read the policy (yes I read policies) I spot something new. For many travel policies any pre-existing conditions are not covered. So unless you have perfect health and have never had surgery or anything identified, it is worth going and reading the terms to check you do have the cover you imagine. Better now than too late.

The cloud has provided extra HA to make traveling easier but this is a reminder that it is good to remember all those passwords!

Back to the packing.