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I MC conferences and events and so I get pretty close to the logistics and details of conferences. I asked a friendly conference/event organizer (whose identity I am protecting), what would be for top tips of things not to do at conference or which annoy organisers.

She introduced me to the concept of the  kinds of people they call  “where’s my mother” delegates!!!  Here are their top 5 frequent questions and answers :

1. “I need a receipt” – read your email it was attached;

2.  Have I booked for the dinner? – read your email or your schedule builder it was in the confirmation;

3.  I am very sensitive I need a special meal, no cheese, fish, not reheated, ham – Why did you bother coming?

4.  My name is spelt wrong on the name badge, can you do another one for me – You entered it like that when you registered!

5.  What is the internet code – Read the handbook!

So now is the time to check the spelling of the name you registered and your food requirements so the organizers can love you a little more!