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It is Thursday here in New Zealand and we jump on a plane next Friday night. Been thinking about all the things I need to do to ensure I achieve my AROI.

QR Codes are suddenly back in the news after an initial flurry of activity last year and then not much said about them. Our principal newspaper in New Zealand, the NZHerald has a new look and is now using QR Codes extensively to provide links to related stories or information on line.

Here at Zeopard we are waiting to see if our redesigned logo with a QR Code incorporated (I am calling it our ZR Code) will scan created in an embroidered design on the back of my jacket! Here it is, have a look out for it and see if it scans. I do of course have a plan B option but a scannable embriodered logo is way better!


On the basis they are back in fashion what are you bringing to conference with a QR code ir similar to make it easy for people to find you and remember you? A scan of a QR code and a save into Evernote and you stand a better chance of being found post conference or finding the person who want to continue talking to.