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My name is Jennie and my surname is Vickers. At least 50% of the people I meet will call me Vicky during the conversation or on meeting again.

Now that making connections and living in a more social world is a theme for the conference we need to be on our game for face to face encounters. Coming out from behind a screen can be a frightening thing for some!

The experts on remembering names and faces have developed a range of simple techniques to help people who get anxious about how they are going to remember names. Here is an example with Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Mapping and Buzan memory techniques on the subject. http://www-open2-net-vip2.open.ac.uk/remember_names_faces.html  Another good source of ideas is mindwerx.com.au  Here is a mind Map on remembering names and faces created by my great friend Jennifer Goddard.

There is another way of thinking about this issue.  I think it is probably as important that people remember who we are and our name so they remember to follow up with us post conference.  If everyone came to conference having thought out how they were going to introduce themselves and say their own name so it was remembered, then the problem would be solved for everyone.

So my challenge for everyone attending OOW and any other conference is to work on making their intro easier to remember.

In the meantime I continue to work on being remembered as Jennie rather than Vicky!