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Did a lot of thinking on Day 17, sadly the internet at the beach was not interested in sharing my thoughts, despite the efforts of my IT Manager so catch up time now.

I have been looking at a bunch of Linkedin Profiles over the last few weeks. If you are going to OOW to connect and build relationships and you want to use Linkedin as the mechanism here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Look at your profile page. Make sure the things you want people to read about you are obvious;
  2. Ask now, not the night before OOW, for some endorsements from people who know your work and skills. Endorsements are the new quick alternative to Recommendations;
  3. Create a job role called “Attendee at Openworld 2012” starting now and current. That way you have a current relevant job to use on a Linkedin invite to connect, that the people you invite will recognise immediately. Not a bad idea when you could be taking business cards at a music festival after 8 hours of hard networking;
  4. If you have a blog make sure it is visible and that at least the last 3 posts are recent and not matured like a cheese;
  5. Check your photo is sufficiently like you that people you meet first, will get that it is you and not a random film star or model coming onto them;and
  6. print new business cards showing a linkedin and twitter name for easy connection.