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I love wandering around exhibitions, particularly those filled with items I have no clue about. I love it when someone can nail the why and the what they are all about, quickly and succinctly. However, too often we technical people and I include lawyers and IT people together, are so in love with what we do and our product that the explanation is too deep, too detailed and too confusing and they lose our attention.

The url below will take you to a chapter of the book Ideas 1 written by Matt Church explaining the Positioning Matrix.  This model is great for anyone selling themselves, their ideas or their product to get clarity in those initial conversations.  (You will find a chapter by me on giving connected advice in Ideas Volume 2.)

Work it out pre conference then give it a go. Maybe one for you the person, one for your company and one for a product. Be clear on what you want and design it accordingly, so it sounds like it is all about them instead.

Chapter from Ideas 1 explaining the Positioning Matrix. http://beachside.net.au/download/Matt_Church%20Positioning%20matrix.pdf