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I am guessing that not so many attending will have the luxury of not trying to sell anything to anyone. I am hoping to observe the masters of their craft selling with ease so I can learn some more about how to do it. There will always be a group who love their jobs and spending their time engrossed with technical matters and find the whole selling thing a bit icky and a good option for everyone else.

My favorite resource for anyone not sure about what they are selling and why, is “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. He looks like one of us, yet he gets the ‘why’ piece so well.

His TED.com talk has had  6.8 million views!   

 The book is an easy read with a great easy message.

If you like what he has to say and want to read some more John Jantsch of DuctTape Marketing who I really rate has written a new book. I have ordered it but not read it but am guessing it will show how to relate the why message to you and your business without being the size of Apple.


Once you have figured out your why you have 18 days to practice your delivery.  Come find me at OOW and practice it on me. I will be the girl with the zeopard logo on her back!