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Too often in the past I have turned up at conferences as an attendee and then realised I wish I had remembered to… and to … to get more out of the event.

This time I am doing my thinking and planning well in advance.  Starting with a clear “What is my desired and required ROI?”  This process made me realise how important it is for me, in achieving my ROI, for everyone else attending to have their own ROI sorted in advance as well.

For example, I want to learn, so I want to listen to interesting, entertaining, well crafted compelling presentations that are memorable. I want to come out of every room with a clear sense of why the speaker was there, why they had gone to the effort to turn up, why I needed to listen, why I needed to love their product or service and what I should do as a result.

So, if you are a speaker at the conference what are you doing now as you prepare to ensure I get my ROi and you get yours?

Jennie Vickers ZeopardSocial writing from New Zealand