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As 2011 trickles away I am busy looking forward to 2012. My hope is that this will be the year when lawyers take back control of the perception people have of our profession and re-establish our place as trusted authorities.

As the rain falls and the summer is looking a little soggy I am saddened at the families whose lives will never be the same as a result of poor driving and bad decision making by our young drivers.  I hope that 2012 will see better communication with our young with messages that resonate and which are attuned to the world they live in and not just ours.

My focus for 2012 is on a few areas:

  • Helping my current clients do good business;
  • Introducing many small businesses to legal issues so they can get on with doing their  business;
  • Helping clever technical people better communicate their thoughts and ideas and thereby increasing their ability to influence; and
  • helping develop our young practitioners as great lawyers and great leaders so we break the “great lawyer/hopeless leaders and managers” cycle.

Happy New Year