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This is a hot topic so I thought it would be worth explaining my position on this idea of an extension of existing programmes. I am a supporter of extending the help we offer, but not at any cost.

During my time on Council pre LCA I saw too many instances where complaints arose as a result of practitioners not knowing how to address small stuff ups. We take such pride in what we do, that admitting fault is often a step too far for us. That leads to a head in the sand and the inevitable consequence.

We already have a friend’s panel but we clearly need some thing else that will attract practitioners to speak out early on. A mediation scheme to resolve problems pre complaint filing would be of value to everyone in the profession and would be good to see.

I am not however in favour of a scheme that would keep helping serial complaint recipients, if there was no linked steps to pull them in line.

We are well advanced on Council in discussions about the available options and just need to pick a method and cost it out. We should not however in doing this, forget that only a percentage of our members or potential members, do the sort of work that leads to complaints. We need to allocate budget to new innovative programmes and services to welcome and attractive in more practitioners from across the country.