LawNews goes out Friday with the voting papers. We have a 500 word bio limit. My bio piece is set out below and I will expand on different ideas over the next few weeks.

Ask any practitioner and you will hear a range of interesting, thought provoking and inspiring responses about why they were drawn to careers in the law.  Access to justice, supporting business, leveling the playing field, making a difference, but rarely around making money! Yet, as a profession we are frequently misunderstood and publicly maligned and in 2012 we will remain under attack.  This has ramifications for all of us but more importantly will affect those in need of justice or a trusted authority.

As a profession we need to shift public dialogue back to recognising the important contribution our members and the entire profession make to society.  ADLSi is ideally placed to do this and should work with NZLS to ensure consistency and clarity of message.  

ADLSi has again reached a pivotal time in its development and, the choice of President and more importantly the next Council, will determine whether it sinks or swims.

For ADLSi to survive it needs to substantially increase member numbers, appeal to all ages and welcome in those working in other legal roles, led by a youthful mindset President and a future focused creative council.  The alternative is a slow decline to irrelevance and the waste of the capital carefully accumulated.  A slow painful decline is worse than a merger and we need to be wise in our choices.  

I have been passionate and proactive in the development of a new vision and a strategy for ADLSi to ensure it delivers the new services it requires to achieve this vision.  I believe I can be a President who can positively influence the public conversation, supported by a Council who will think innovatively.

I believe there are therefore 4 key priorities for the 2012 President:

  • • Being a clear, strong and loud voice across New Zealand speaking up for, and representing, our profession; 
  • • Promoting new targeted services to attract a wider cross section of legal professionals; 
  • • Building a stronger relationship with NZLS and reaching agreement on how we should build on the respective strengths, to share the role of representing the profession; and 
  • • Providing governance and leadership support to the new CEO, so she can do her job running a lean efficient organisation. 

I have been an active, contributing member of the ADLS Council from 2003 to 2009 and again in 2011 and have always been and remain, passionate and committed to ensuring ADLSi success. I am a sole practitioner and a part time in-house counsel. My experience includes 12 years in-house, 8 years as a sole practitioner and 10 years in large firms-Chapman Tripp, Simpson Grierson and Slaughter and May.

If you would like to talk to me about your concerns or my thoughts and ideas, please call me on 021 274 9737 or follow me on: